About Us


Since 1997 Rae Barry Plumbing and Excavation have been able to build and maintain a strong client base.


Commencing as a sole proprietor, Rae’s quality of service and work saw the business grow to where it is today at

18 Denbign St, Moolap. Rae Barry Plumbing and Excavation has numerous friendly staff both on the field and in the office as support to ensure the jobs are run smoothly and efficiently.


Rae’s thinking that growth in the business needs to have the right support in the background to ensure smooth running and timeliness has meant that we’ve expanded into new areas and retained our original clients as well.


Today from our new base in Denbign St, Moolap, Rae Barry Plumbing and Excavations has the capabilities, expertise and support to make your job happen on time, on budget and with the quality you demand.


Call Rae Barry Plumbing today, we’d be happy to help, no job is too big or too small.


Rae Barry  •  Managing Director